My Butterfly Lipstick

Every woman is so aware and sensitive about their beauty…how their faces looks like. Some of them cannot go out from their home without it..because they feels like everybodys looking at them.

I’m not using any of it since I am a Liz, so maybe a little lipstick to make my lips little lively to look.

While Im doing my Online Business ,which is Selling Slimming Coffee, our company introduced a new product,they call it Matte Lipstick.

Before I never give any attention into this product which they use to call butterfly lipstick,But when I saw one of my business partner with our butterfly lipstick in her lips, I said to myself uhhh she looks beautiful.

And while we are eating in the cafeteria Oh I overheard what she said, This is really an amazing lipstick,u know why? Yesterday I wore it for 12 hours guys, yes u hear it right 12 hours without fading in my lips,She said I ate lunch and after eating I didnt retouch it,oh its still on my lips.

GREAT, and one more things this never stained in my glass or in my coffee mugs.

I said wow!!!amazing

And there are more to look up so read here please.

Yes we have 20 vibrant colors for the ladies to choose,and here they are

And the best seller of it is ,this is water proof,even u drink any kind of beverages this will stay in your lips ,yeah so true..

So ladies if you want to give it a try just let me know by sending me a message via messager or make a comment here in my blog.

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Thank you so much .hoping to see you again guys on my next BLOG pls. LIKE,COMMENT & SHARE.

Good Bless.

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